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Are you prepared for the winter?

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Дата на публикуване : 28.12.2013

The low temperatures are test for every equipment or machine. The lowering of the dew point of the compressed air is only one of the steps for overcoming the ice forming in the pneumatic components and their trouble-free operation at low temperatures.

Together with Parker Hannifin we offer you a range of pneumatic products working in low temperatures. These products are widely used in mobile pneumatic solutions for examples in railway transportation as well as in industrial installations where it is not possible to the ambient temperature to be adjusted to the normal range.

  • Air preparation units for low temperatures Global FRL P32/33  to -25 C and Origa Airlift  to -40 C
  • Pneumatic, mechanical and electro-pneumatic valves Viking Xtreme. to -40 C
  • Standard valves Global ISO DX according ISO 5599-1  Size 1,2,3 to -30 C
  • Pneumatic cylinders according ISO 15552  P1D-X for extreme temperatures from -40 C to +150 C
  • Compact pneumatic cylinders according ISO 21287 Serie P1P for extreme temperatures from -40 C to +120 C
  • Special rodless cylinders Parker Origa OSP-L for low temperatures to -40 C