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Mist Cannons for Dust Suppression and Disinfection

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Дата на публикуване : 01.04.2020

Since 2012 Indumatic Ltd offers on the Bulgarian market products – Mist Cannons SprayStream.

As an exclusive distributor of the Belgian manufacturer, we have realized a series of projects for dust suppression.  Due to specifics at most of our customers, mist cannons are used for these projects. Mist Cannons have several benefits:

  • Mobility
  • Remote control possibility
  • Wide range coverage possibility
  • Additives usage possibility
  • High capacity for dust suppression with low water consumption

Dust emissions restriction tendency, working condition standards and new ecology regulations for air quality are making Mist Cannons SprayStream even more demanding product. Mist Cannons infrastructure independency and autonomous operational possibility are some of the product key advantages.

Except for dust suppression, Mist Cannons SprayStream are suitable for large areas disinfection. The additional capabilities of additives dosing or using prepared sanitizing solutions are giving livestock breeders possibility for animal’s accommodation disinfection. During last weeks Mist Cannons SprayStream are used for sanitizing outdoor places in Spain.

Thanks to our experience and our approved Belgian partner, we manage to offer best technical solutions for dust restriction using Mist Cannons on the Bulgarian market.

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