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Air Canons for pneumatic removal of blockages and build-ups in silos

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Indumatic Ltd. offers solutions for overcoming a problems during the storage and movement of bulk materials from the place of storing to their final use. Due to their nature, humidity, temperature and other physicochemical factors, the bulk materials lose their fluidity and creates difficulties in storaging and movement.This translates into build-ups, adhesion, clogging, hardness, etc. which leads to congestion in silos and bunkers, clogging of chutes and pipelines, conveyor belts blocking and more.The permeability and productivity are reduced and this often requires stopping of the technological lines. In continuous processes severe technical problems arise, leading undoubtedly to financial losses.

Relying on the gained own experience and the partners support, we deal with these obstructions. Via the technology of the air cannons and nozzles as the use of other solutions, we prevent the emerging of problems and provide easy leaking and transportation of coal, limestone, building materials and mixtures, waste, ore, grain, food materials and many others

We support our customers from the moment of problem defining or designing phase, to the moment of system starting as we provide reliable working technical solution, delivery and preparation of the equipment, mounting or mounting supervision, guarantees, training, service and maintenance. A proof for our work are the successful completed and working projects.