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Pneumatic solutions in the transport

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The experience that we gained in the field of mobile pneumatic solutions gives us the confidence to consider us as one of the leaders in this field in Bulgaria. Our solutions are working both at home and abroad, also sail the world's seas. They cover solutions such as automatic unloading of bulk-carrier wagons with a wide range of protections and conveniences for the operators and new developments and cutting-edge solutions for various applications in railway transportation and shipping. In this case Indumatic Ltd. is committed with the development of a working pneumatic system, element supplying, integrating in the customer's solution and participating in the commissioning and mounting activities  with the manufacturers or the repair units. Support to our solutions are leading manufacturers in this industrial branch.

Parallel with the implementation of such projects we supply components and solutions for equipping wagons with valves, fittings, support with pneumatic spare parts and modernization of various units for wagons, locomotives, buses, trams and pneumatic equipment for ships and other facilities in the field of transportation.

For questions related to mobile pneumatic contact our specialists.